Friday, 4 October 2013

Sweet Harmony!

Three cats...together as one, sweet harmony!

Three weeks, Three choirs, Three parts, alto, soprano and men...together as one and we were hearing some sweet harmonies!

We've just completed week three of the new term, where has that time gone already?!!

I think on Tuesday we broke a record for the most songs taught in one rehearsal as we not only taught new choir songs to the Thornbury gang but taught them some of the classic GGCC anthems ready for Saturday. Heather and I really felt like we'd had a workout, as I'm sure the choir did! But they were brilliant, picked up the harmonies quickly.

The Thornbury choir continues to grow in number, new people still joining and now we've settled on which side the altos sit and which side the sopranos sit (!) we're starting to feel that we really are a choir and we do sound good! We are very thankful too for the wonderful refreshments provided before and after each rehearsal.

Shirehampton GGCC are also making sweet music! I was reflecting with one of the original members on how much we had achieved that evening, in terms of learning new words and harmonies and how when we first started people wouldn't have picked it up as fast, we have really come along way as a choir in terms of ability to hear our parts, learn them and then hold them when the others join in. Something to really be proud of. It's been great to see new members joining the Shire crew as well and how well they have been welcomed into the choir family.

Easton GGCC, well they may be the smallest choir in number but they can easily keep up with the bigger choirs! When there are only three or four of you singing a part if you make a mistake it is much more obvious which could put a lot of people off...not our Easton gang! No, they work on through little mistakes, have a laugh and have another go! Again we have had some new members this term and like the Shire choir, they have been welcomed in really well.

I am so privileged to be able to work with all these choirs. Even if I turn up feeling tired, the moment we start, the energy, enthusiasm and commitment become contagious and I leave the session on a high!

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