Tuesday, 8 October 2013

It's all about Community

The City Academy Bristol put on a brilliant Community Fun Afternoon on Saturday. It was free to get in and free to get out...well almost, they did want you to donate some money towards the fund to keep Felix Road Playground in Easton open!

There was quite a lot of live music and dance acts and GGCC was asked to come and...sing of course! We all arrived in the glorious sunshine and headed outside for a quick warm up before heading back stage.

Em's just spotted the sweets back stage!!!
While waiting we were introduced to one of the hosts for the stage events, a young man named Alex Beresford who is a weather presenter on TV and I soon discovered that Kim from Easton GGCC is a super fan and was going all weak at the knees!!!

Anyhow, we all soon had to focus on the ask in hand, were on for our slot. It was a big stage and but the choir (about 20 of us) made a big sound and lovely harmonies. Our classics 'Great Is He', 'Soon and Very Soon' and 'Hold On' went down a treat. I loved leading them and was so proud! For some singing, they've only just joined GGCC so had never sung all the songs til that day!!!

Many of us stayed to enjoy the rest of the afternoon as there was loads of great stuff happening along with delicious food on offer. All in all, a great Saturday afternoon out.

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