Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A GGCC First!!!

On Saturday a group of intrepid GGCC members gathered for a secret mission!!! The venue, Clifton College Chapel. The mission, to perform a Flash Mob at the wedding of Alice Bebb, former GGCC member. The only people who knew we were singing in the wedding were the Bride, Alice, her parents and one of the staff at the school so we had to come in disguise...as wedding guests and look like we were supposed to be there.

We had arranged a pre-wedding secret rehearsal in the chapel. We all found our Flash Mob positions for 'Great Is He', cunningly scattered around the chapel. Then also had a sneaky rehearsal of our second song 'Beautiful One' before any guests arrived.

Rehearsing 'Beautiful One'

We then needed to make a quick exit and head for our next secret location...the dining hall! We ate our provisions, Em, Ruth and Heather quickly learned their words and then it was time to assume positions and wait for our cue.

Em, waiting subtly(!) for service to start, fellow GGCC agents in their positions around her

The service started. Alice entered looking just beautiful and then we were on. Ruth stood up and started us off and then in twos and threes we all joined in from all over the chapel. It was amazing..no one expected it and it sounded beautiful too. Our first ever Flash Mob was a huge success and we all had a lot of fun. The feedback Em has had since has been great too, a lot of people were very moved by it, it was quite a talking point!

Our second song later in the service went really well, Em, Heather and Ruth just about remembered their words and the choir did a great job.

Then it was time for the Bride and Groom to leave, Alice and her new hubby Paul looked very happy and it was a joy for us to be able to be part of their special day. We wish them every happiness for their new life together.

Well done GGCC...another first! Thanks to all who came, you were brilliant!

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