Monday, 1 April 2013

The Wedding of the Century!

So, it's official Geraldine and Carey are now Mr & Mrs!

Geraldine couldn't contain her excitement!!!

It was such a privilege for the GGCC choirs to be part of what was truly the 'wedding of the century'!
From the moment we all arrived at Christchurch Clifton there was a massive buzz of excitement. We all assembled in the crypt area downstairs for warm up and run through.

Em & Kim Samuels were the Choir Directors for the day, leading a combined Renewal/GGCC choir of about 150 people!!!

Before we knew it it, rehearsal time was over and it was time for the wedding. We quickly all assembled on stage and waited for the bride to arrive, and she was bang on time!!!

Geraldine and her Bridal party came down the aisle dodging hundreds of balloons, led by a group of djembe drummers.

Accompanied by the most amazing group of musicians (harp, brass section, djembes, organ, guitars, bass, drums, piano & keys) we all sang our hearts out. The new anthem written by Geraldine & Carey was beautiful and we all remembered it...well most of it!!! 

It truly was a musical extravaganza. All the hymns just came to life and the choir did a fab job of leading the singing. 

Geraldine & Carey exchanged their vows and rings and then sang a verse of Be Thou My Vision (while Em & Naomi frantically tried to get GGCC back on stage as they had to be there sooner than we thought!!!).

Then we had our surprise...SECRET SONG! It was a song Em & Naomi had written especially for Geraldine & Carey and rehearsed in secret with the choir. Called 'The Right Time', the GGCC choirs sang it beautifully and Geraldine was genuinely surprised and I think touched by the song. So well done GGCC! You can hear a version of the song we recorded when you watch the video there is a link for below.

So, after singing Total Praise (WOW!) with Renewal choir it was time for Mr & Mrs Luce to leave. They danced down the aisle to 'Celebrate' by Kool & The Gang which the choirs and band much fun!

One of many kisses!!!

What a day! We have a short video of the day from the choirs perspective, to watch CLICK HERE

Em & Naomi are so proud of all the GGCC family, we loved being able to celebrate such a joyful occasion with you all

Here's one last pic of the happy couple cutting the cake at the reception!

So, we now send Geraldine off to her new life in London with Carey...we will miss her SO much but know she will come and visit!

Next for GGCC is our concert in Calne on 27th this space!

Bye for now!

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  1. As Geraldine herself would say, AWESOME!
    It was as Emma says such a privilege to be part of a very special day. GGCC you are a truly fab group of people and as I said last week, thank you for allowing me to be a very small part of the choir.
    I wish Geraldine and Carey a wonderful life together and look forward to seeing them in the future.