Tuesday, 30 April 2013

GGCC goes on the road...to Calne!

"We're in Calne!"
Here they are, the intrepid GGCC choir members arriving in Calne, Wiltshire on Saturday afternoon.

The lovely Kim!
Rob is a true gent and helps folk off the coach
Heading up the hill to the church

Why were we in Calne? Good question! The Pastor of Calne Baptist Church, Sam King had invited us to come and give a concert at his church to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK. It just so happened too that Calne was where Emma grew up and Calne Baptist Church was her old church, so double the reason to go!

Emma went ahead of the choir in the afternoon to run a Gospel Choir workshop in the church and the lovely Heather Staley went with her too. There were 14 workshop participants and they were brilliant! We managed to teach and learn 5 songs in just 2.5 hours, including actions!
Em explaining roots of Gospel Music to workshop crew...see if you can spot Heather too!

The workshop-ites then joined GGCC for the concert in the evening and became part of a bigger choir. They also got to sing on their own so they could show off what they'd achieved that afternoon. Some of them also volunteered to sing in small groups for one of the songs, at least one of them had not sung in public since they were told by a music teacher at school they couldn't sing (shocking!) so that was a massive step forward for them.

GGCC were treated to a wonderful tea provided by the church, no run of the mill sandwiches and cake there! We felt so welcome.

The concert itself was amazing. GGCC were their usual brilliant self, sang so well and joined in with the actions they'd never done which Em had added to one of the songs, with loads of energy. It was the first time Em had ever led the choir for a whole concert and she loved it. The support and love GGCC gave her made such a huge difference as well.

After the end of the concert it was time for GGCC to get back on the coach and it sounds like there was much fun and laughter...and singing all the way back to Bristol.

Em got an email from Sam at the church too to say a big thank you and also to let us know they'd managed to raise £550 for Alzheimer's Research so that's fantastic!

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