Friday, 15 March 2013

A Fitting End...And Beginning!

On Thursday 7th March the three GGCC choirs from Westbury Park, Shirehampton & Easton came together to celebrate 10 years of the adventure that is GGCC!

It was an evening full of emotion. We were treated to amazing performances of the 'best of' GGCC songs by all the choirs.

Geraldine shared how GGCC had started, with just one song 'Hold on' a decade ago, never dreaming we would be where we are now!

Geraldine warming the choirs up!
Emma explained how she had joined the GGCC family back in January 2007 and then how the Easton GGCC was launched in September 2009

We watched a video which captures a bit of the story of GGCC and we hear from choir members about why they like the choir. You can see this video by clicking here .

GGCC members watching themselves on the video

Nikky & Ju talked about how the Shire Choir had started in 2011 and how it has such a lovely family feel.

Shirehampton GGCC singing Lean on Me

It was also an evening to say goodbye. Firstly goodbye officially to the Westbury GGCC choir as this group won't be continuing after Easter. It has been a wonderful community these last 10 years where Geraldine, Naomi & Emma have all learned so much which has enabled them to take the GGCC dream out to other parts of Bristol. Lives have been touched and changed and we are so deeply thankful. We have invited all the Westbury GGCC to stay in the GGCC family and maybe join one of the other choirs.

We also had to say goodbye to our lovely Geraldine. Yes we'll still see her at the wedding and wedding rehearsals but this was out last GGCC concert with her. It seems impossible to imagine GGCC without her, what an inspirational, funny, talented, humble, Godly woman. She will be deeply missed. Geraldine's move to London means the end to the current GGCC team so it was very fitting that Em & Naomi sang 'I just can't give up now' with Geraldine again. This was a song that deeply impacted both them and many many other when they sang it in March 2012. 

Then after goodbyes it was time to say some hellos! A big hello to the new GGCC team...Heather Staley & Ruth Chandler who have both been part of Westbury GGCC for a while are joining Naomi & Emma to guide GGCC into the future. So they joined us to sing 'Shackles'...and we found a couple of men to join with us too! Thanks Mark & Rob!

To finish off the evening all three choirs sang 'Total Praise'...a favourite of Geraldine's. You can get an idea of how amazing it sounded by clicking here

And the evening wouldn't have been complete with another rendition of the amazing three spiritual medley! Yes Nobody knows, Steal Away & Swing Low Sweet Chariot all sung together, in harmony at the same time! Wow!!!

Before I sign off for now here are a few other pics...

Smiley GGCC!

Before the concert, warming up

Janice & Mearl from Easton GGCC

Marsha sings People Get Ready

A lot to be thankful for Geraldine!

That's it for now. Back soon!

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  1. As a member of Westbury GGCC I would just like to publicly thank everyone at Westbury, it has been a privilege to be able to come together on Tuesday evening at Cairns Road. When I first started I had no idea what an enormous impact it was going to have on my life.
    To be part of a truly inclusive company of people has been quite extraordinary, and I will never forget it.
    We all come from all different walks of life, for lots of different reasons but when we sing we are just one voice of celebration and hope.
    Tuesday nights are not going to be the same, but the memories I will hold in my heart will be a constant reminder of something truly special.
    I wish you all good health and a laugh in your heart.
    Thank you everyone.x