Monday, 4 March 2013

Concert week!

Wow, this term has gone so fast! I cannot believe it's our big concert this week!

We are really looking forward to celebrating 10 wonderful years of GGCC with you and your friends/ get inviting if you haven't already! It'll be our last GGCC concert with Geraldine so we may need to have a few tissues handy...only the women of course!!!

It seems that new things are already opening up for GGCC without us having to try very hard! Emma & Naomi have started a Gospel Choir in Shirehampton Primary school recently. The first week was a bit manic with 34 children in a small space but the second was a dream with 15, lovely, attentive children. We had a lot of fun and they were full of good ideas for how we could do things. We are meeting on a Wednesday during lunchtime, only 30 minutes and it races past. We are going to perform the songs we've done in a school assembly before Easter.

If you want to take a look at the what the head of Cabot Primary school had to say about our visit before half term and see another pic then visit . We recently received some lovely letters from some of the children there, thanking us for our visit. Quotes include:

"I am sorry to say but I thought old people were boring but now I realised they are talented"

"When I am older I think I will try and make a choir with lots of old, middle and young aged people"

"I really want to thank you you inspired me and all of Cabot"

"It made me feel an emotion inside me"

"I loved it when you were smiling and singing"

Really lovely to hear from the children isn't it?

Well better get on with concert preparations! See you all there!

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