Friday, 22 February 2013

Party Time & Change

On Tuesday we had a very special GGCC gathering. All three choirs came together for a bit of a PARTY! It was an evening to celebrate with Geraldine & Carey and Naomi had made a beautiful cake for them.

It was also an evening to reflect on the last 10 years of GGCC...yes GGCC has been going for 10 years! It started as just one choir at Cairns and is now three with over 100 people. It has been a joy to see how the choir has grown and to hear the countless stories of how much it means to the people who come. 

Once Geraldine and Carey are married they will be living in London. So this means we have to say goodbye to Geraldine at Easter...very sad! She will be missed so much but I know we'll still see her from time to time.

So Naomi & I will be running GGCC without Geraldine from April and have been busy coming up with a plan! We shared the broad headlines with the choir on Tuesday. They are:

1. Sadly Westbury GGCC will be finishing. It has been the choir that has been around the longest and is the biggest but we feel it's right to bring it to and end. As we do so we can celebrate all that it has been, so many people have been blessed by being in this choir and by seeing them perform.

2. Shirehampton & Easton choirs carry on. These two are the younger choirs and will continue. We will take a break over the Summer and relaunch again in the Autumn.

3. A new GGCC in Thornbury! Yes in the Autumn we will start a new choir and the lovely Heather Staley will be leading that with Em & Naomi's support...exciting!

4. School choirs. We have just this week started a gospel choir in Shirehampton Primary and have arranged to begin a other in Summerhill Infants school after Easter. Another exciting development!

So, things are changing. Change brings mixed feelings, feelings of sadness and also excitement. I know that's definitely how I am feeling and I'm sure most of the choirs feel the same. But in the words of that great High School Musical song (that Em & Naomi kept trying to get GGCC to sing!)..."we're all in this together!"

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