Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Freedom Is Coming!

Well last Friday a group of about 20 from GGCC joined Emma to take an assembly at Cabot Primary School in St Paul's. It was the last day of Music Week at the school so we were invited to help explain the roots of Gospel Music, sing a couple of songs to the school and then teach them a song.

Emma teaching 'Freedom Is Coming' to the school

We had a blast! The children were so well behaved and one of the teachers commented on how the youngest in particular seemed mesmerised by the singing. We started off with the song 'Hold On' which sounded beautiful. Then one of the choir members, Sarah, who works at the school did a great introduction to Gospel Music and the importance of the message of hope and freedom which is at its core. Then Emma taught the song 'Freedom is coming' in two parts to all the children. They picked it up in no time and soon we had the whole school on its feet, stomping and clapping along too. The Head teacher commented on how he hadn't just been affected in his head by the singing but had felt impacted deep inside which was amazing and he said we could come back any time! To round off a great assembly the GGCC gang sang 'Great Is He' as the children all went back to their classrooms...clapping as they went!

Thanks to all from GGGC who came along, Sarah and Emma were so glad they didn't have to do it on their own!

So, this week is half term BUT CHOIR HAS NO BREAK! All three choirs are still rehearsing...see you there!

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  1. It was a great way of starting a Friday morning.