Friday, 25 January 2013

Hot Chocolate To The Rescue!

With freezing temperatures and snowfall this week there was only one thing for it...

...we needed HOT CHOCOLATE!!! Seemed to go down well at all three choirs, maybe we should do it more often?

The weather did affect the choirs this week. We had quite heavy snowfall just before our Westbury rehearsal started and it continued to snow for the whole time so quite a few didn't make it. Those of us who had got there were keeping an eye out as we didn't fancy being snowed in...even if there was hot chocolate! Still it was all ok, it had calmed down by time we left. We had a great hour and a quarter in the warm and made good progress with a new song, Total Praise.

The snow threatened to disrupt Shirehampton's rehearsal on Wednesday but didn't quite manage to. There was quite a lot of giggling from the alto section that night as Geraldine started to teach them their part for Total Praise...the phrase on their lips was definitely "how low can you go?!!"

Thursday was Easton and we were missing lots of folk...but those who came sang their socks off and got at least one other song under their belt. 

So, what will next week bring? We shall wait and see!

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