Friday, 18 January 2013

Let it snow!!!

 I'm guessing for most of us this is the scene we woke up to today!

As a Mum of two young boys whose school was closed today I have just spent the afternoon out sledging and only fell off once! Now back in the warm it gives me time to reflect a bit on our first week back at choir...

So, first we were at Westbury and we have a new photographer amongst us who caught Geraldine and I on camera. If you can think of a good caption for either picture, let me know! 

Are you the secret undercover camera crew? D'oh...just blown your cover!

This term GGCC are re-visiting the greatest hits! When Geraldine, Naomi and I met before Christmas we thought it would be great to celebrate about 10 years of GGCC and what better way than to do a selection of our favourite songs. 

Shirehampton GGCC have a new home now so we all met for the first time at Shirehampton Baptist Church on Wednesday and had a few newcomers too...fantastic! Here we are in action:

 We all agreed we like our new home and the acoustics are lovely too!

On Thursday it was Easton's turn and boy were we glad of a cosy warm welcome at House of Praise...there were a few first snowflakes outside too. Great turn out considering how cold it was and we had a lot of fun, managed to look at three songs which is pretty good going in an hour and a quarter.

Well it's so great to be back with you all. Keep warm this weekend and see you next week!

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