Sunday, 25 March 2012

What a first concert!!!

Well, it's about 10.45pm on Sunday evening, I've just got back and am too excited to even contemplate going to bed so thought I may as well update the blog!

We, the three choirs of GGCC have just done our first Spring 2012 concert at St Mark's Baptist in Easton and it was just amazing!!! I have so many highlights whizzing round in my head, I'm sure I'll keep on recalling new ones over next few days. For those of you reading this who weren't able to be there, here are some pics (most taken by my eight year old...I'm quite impressed!) to give a feel for the evening. So, here we are first of all, rehearsing beforehand.

The men of GGCC and it appears that Geraldine has turned into a music stand!

The soloists at the front for "Here is Love"...what a grand job they did!

Nearly ready to start the concert.

The "Hosanna" small group

"We did it...can you believe it!"

We didn't get pics of so many other great parts of concert...will try and get some from our next two concerts! To everyone who sang tonight, you were awesome, I'm so glad we get to do it all again...and again! So, next stop on our tour is St Edyth's, Sea Mills, Wednesday...maybe see you there!

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  1. It looks as though you were all AWESOME ! Can't wait for Wednesday.