Thursday, 29 March 2012

St Edyth's concert...A-MA-ZING!

Well, it's a beautiful sunny March morning, again! Still can't get my head round this 'June like' weather but am loving it!

If you were at the St Edyth's GGCC concert last night, then you were in for a treat! Such an amazing evening, I'm sitting at my computer this morning with so many lovely memories and highlights buzzing in my head. Right from the comedy double act that is Emma and Geraldine setting up the staging trying not to break nails (!), through to the brilliant "secret" finale again. I did manage to get some photos although not all brilliantly in focus (of course it's the cameras fault not my bad photography!) but they hopefully give an idea of what we did. Sorry there are still no pics of Easton's hard for me to take any when I'm leading so if anyone else out there took any can you email me a copy, ta. Same goes for Westbury GGCC actually. One day I might have some actual sound bites to include who knows. So here are some pics...

The combined choirs of GGCC...looking and sounding lovely.

Prizes for guessing what Geraldine is signalling here!

See anyone you know?

Shirehampton GGCC singing "Swing Low"

The colour co-ordinated Shirehampton altos!

And the sparkly Shire some men!

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