Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Concert on Sunday!!!

Well, this week is our last week of rehearsals and it's our first concert on SUNDAY...yippeeee!!! So, looking forward to kicking off our Spring concert season at St Mark's Baptist Church, Easton, 6.30pm.

If you're part of the choir and looking for answer to competition I set...here's a photo to prove I haven't eaten the eggs...yet!!!

Keep reading and you'll find the answer!

Hope you enjoyed the pics from the Westbury social in the last post. I did actually manage to get myself organised and take camera to Shire & Easton rehearsals after that so have some pics of them which I'll include below...what a lovely bunch they all are eh! First it's the Shirehampton crew:

Some of our lovely Altos!

The Men!!!

And some of our sparkly sopranos!

Some more altos...wave hello!

And some more sopranos!

Our soloists rehearsing, first time singing in front of us all and they did a fab job!

We have fun in the choir!

A lot of fun!

Ok, now for the Easton gang:
"Yay, it's choir time!"

Some of the lovely sopranos.

 "Bonjour, tout le monde!!"

Some of the super altos!

The Easton gang!

 We're all looking forward to seeing you at our concerts...25th March @ St Mark's, 6.30pm, 28th March @ St Edyth's Church, Sea Mills, 7.30pm and 30th March @ Cairns Road Baptist, 7.30pm.

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