Monday, 19 May 2014

Red Is The Colour!!!

So, we decided that for our performance at the Bath Music Festival on Friday evening, GGCC would wear red tops and black trousers/skirts. When the GGCC members arrived at the venue it we saw a mass of red and black...from another choir!!! So, red is obviously the choir to wear this season!!! I was slightly concerned that as the other red and black wearing choir was singing first, late GGCC arrivals would see the red on stage and rush to the front and join in!

However, we did look great, all in our red and what's more we sounded...BRILLIANT!!! From the moment we started warming up in the crypt (what is about us and rehearsing in crypts!), we were on the button. Tight harmonies, great diction, high energy levels and big smiles. What more could a choir director want?!!

I think starting with the 'flash mob' style Great is He was really different to the other choirs and set the tone perfectly for our half hour slot. Hold On, goosebumps are us! I could go on about all the different songs but really I just need to say I was so proud to be leading such a wonderful choir. I know Heather was too (loved the trumpet solo!). Beautiful solos too and of course big shout out to Winston for accompanying us so well, we love working with you!

It was wonderful to hear three other great choirs too, Bath Community Gospel Choir, Youthful Spirit and Renewal. Altogether an inspiring, uplifting and fun evening. Thank you to the organisers for inviting us and hosting a fab event.

So the big question left is...what colour shall we wear next?!!

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