Thursday, 23 January 2014

Sing to Live...the series!

So, I've been a bit slow getting the blog updated I'm afraid, have been pretty busy running three choirs!!!

But, it is now the end of week two rehearsals, I've just come home after the Easton one, had my lunch and feel it's time to reflect!

All three choirs have done a great job these past two weeks, positively eating up the songs. We've actually finished teaching the parts for three songs already...ok they may need a bit more practice and tweaking but the foundations are there! Heather did a sterling job teaching in week one at Thornbury with a decidedly dodgy throat, the Shire gang shivered their way through two rehearsals without heating and Em featured in a new series on You Tube all about people in the choir called 'Sing to Live'! If you haven't seen it yet, click here . Em's hubbie Var has been doing the filming and he's just filmed the second instalment which will be live tomorrow...who will it be about though? You'll have to wait and see!

Em taking the Easton GGCC gang through their warm ups

Em teaching the Thornbury GGCC crew how not to dance!!!

So, next week the Thornbury and Shire choirs have their socials...a cuppa and cake after rehearsal. Not great for Em's waistline as she will be going to both!!! Not sure what we will do for Easton, maybe a spot of lunch together one week after rehearsal.

Well that's it for now...take care!

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