Thursday, 11 October 2012

Week 2!

I've just got home after the second Easton GGCC rehearsal at House of Praise. We had a great time and had more new members, here we all are:

We took this picture so we could send it to our good friend Barbara who has been in Easton GGCC since the start but has gone back to her home in Paris for a year, we miss her!

So this week all choirs worked very hard, lots of new harmonies and words to learn. We were able to announce the concert dates...Friday 7th December @ Cairns Rd Baptist, Sunday 9th December @ House of Praise (Easton) and Wednesday 12th December @ St Edyth's (Sea Mills). There's already a buzz in the choirs about the concerts, we always have such a great time!

In Shirehampton GGCC we celebrated Pat's was her first time at choir and was also her birthday!

I'm hoping to take some pictures from all the choirs over next few weeks so watch this space!

See you soon!

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