Friday, 18 May 2012

Summer Term off to flying start!

Wahey, it's the GGCC Summer term! It's so exciting because we now have five performances booked where we can share all that we have done with the good folk of Bristol.

We had an amazing refresher rehearsal on Wednesday night at Cairns Road...what a great turnout from Westbury & Shirehampton GGCC! Easton GGCC have a rehearsal next week but there were a few there on Wednesday who did a great job singing Nobody Knows.

It was lovely to see how much everyone was enjoying being back together and even though we've had a 6 week break since our concerts, the songs all came flooding back easily and sounded fab. Some of the songs Geraldine taught were new to folk too but they picked them up so a bunch of pros!

Looking forward to our first Summer concert on Sunday at the Boiling Wells May Day celebrations, we'll try and get some pics to put up here.

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