Thursday, 2 February 2012

A chance to fly!

Well it's freezing outside and we're waiting to see if it's gonna snow this weekend! This week was week two of our term and we were thrilled that so many braved the elements to come and sing! All three choirs seem to be eating up the new songs, Geraldine and Em have been so impressed with the progress that all are making and it's so lovely that we are greeted with so many smiley faces each rehearsal.

The lovely Barbara D from Easton GGCC (who comes from Paris...not each week though!!!) has emailed me something she said she's like to share with you all so here it is...

 "I like so much to sing in the gospel choir because we feel more our soul, and it's as to be free when we sing, it takes out your mind and you can give to your body a chance to fly.
So thank you for your choir you Emma and Var and Geraldine you are so kind."

Thank you Barbara, it's loads of fun having you in GGCC, you pick up the songs so well even though English is not your first language!

Well that's it for now...stay warm folks!!!

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