Thursday, 26 January 2012

Week 1 - Shirehampton & Easton

Well, this has been such a great week! First Westbury Park gang do a fab job and then Shirehampton & Easton go and do the same!

First Shirehampton then. On a dark drizzly winter evening it was great to be back in the "toasty warm" Beachley Walk centre. There was still a definite buzz going round from the concerts before Christmas, people were really glad to see each other again after the break and there was a real sense of achievement from last term and excitement about this term. It was lovely to have some new faces too, especially a new man and our wonderful three men were particularly pleased to become four!!!

Then today it was Easton's turn. Again a grey, wet day outside but inside we were able to forget about that and enjoy catching up with good friends, reflecting on the amazing journey we had last term and sing brilliant songs of hope and freedom...what more could you want!!!  We've loved teaching the new songs to all the choirs, they've been picked up so quickly...we can't wait for next week!!!

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