Friday, 9 December 2011

Three Become One - Part 1

Wow...what a fantastic start to our concerts! Wednesday 7th December was officially the first time all three GGCC choirs sang together and what an A-MA-ZING sound it was! The acoustics in St Edyth's, Sea Mills were brilliant so our packed audience were treated to beautiful performances by soloists, small groups and each of the choirs on their own. The songs sung by all three choirs together worked so well, many have commented on how moving it was to sing with everyone together and produce such a lovely sound. I suspect the audience were almost literally blown away by the high quality of singing, the beaming faces and energy that came towards them throughout the evening. Oh and we got to sing in the dark...with GLOW STICKS!!! It did look really effective, well done everyone for coping with the bracelet moves!!!

The great thing is we get to do it all again on Sunday 11th @ St Mark's Baptist, Easton. 6.30pm. Can't wait! In the meantime here are a couple of pics from Wednesday for you!

Looking lovely in our pinks and reds during our run through!

The Shirehampton GGCC choir at the end of their song "Not Forgotten".


  1. It was great. Looking more like "pretty vision in pink"!