Friday, 11 November 2011

Week 6...the socials begin!

Well it's been an exciting rest of the week. Following the fun at Westbury Baptist on Tues we had fantastic rehearsals at Shirehampton and Easton. I tried to take some pics to capture something of our times...haven't quite done them justice but here's a peek into the life of the Shirehampton GGCC...prizes for anyone who can guess which song we're singing!

Working hard...

Then on Thursday Easton GGCC had their social...a yummy lunch prepared by one of their members Kym. After a good choir workout everyone was definitely ready to eat! Here's the Easton gang...

Geraldine is in there somewhere...prizes if you can spot her!!!

So, we hope you all have a great weekend, practising you "Lif" and "ting"s!!! Next week it'll be the turn of the Westbury gang to be on camera!


  1. Oh gosh, if its pictures on Tuesday must remember to do my make-up!
    Oh and cake.

  2. Hey Jane, well remembered about the cake! Don't worry about the pictures, my camera has a "make people look more amazing than they already do in real life" setting!!! Em